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Epic Liverpool Quiz Of The Year!

How much do you know about the current Liverpool team? Test your trivia now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  October 6th 2021

Under manager Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool have re-established themselves as one of the most exciting team on the planet! Are you a Liverpool fan? Have you absorbed every detail to do with the team in the last couple of years?

Why not put your Liverpool knowledge to the test and see how many points you can score! Think you can get a perfect 20? Let's go!

1/20 Jürgen Klopp

What is Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp's middle name?

2/20 Liverpool FC quiz Mo Salah height

How tall is Mo Salah in Beanos?

3/20 A man signing a contract

Which player signed from RP Leipzig at the start of the 21/22 season?

4/20 Jurgen Klopp celebrates a a Liverpool win
@lfc | giphy

Which team did they beat 3-0 on the opening day of the 21-22 season?

5/20 Liverpool blurred player

Which player is this?

6/20 Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker

Which international team does Alisson Becker represent?

7/20 Mo Salah and a cat
@mosalah | Instagram

How many Premier League goals did Mo Salah score in the 2020-21 season?

8/20 A football in the back of a goal net

And how many goals in the Champions League that same season?

9/20 Liverpool's Diogo Jota

In 2020, Diogo Jota joined the club from Wolves for £41 million! How many Beanos could you get with that?

10/20 The Premier League logo

Which season did Liverpool last win the Premier League?

11/20 Maths quiz

How many Premier League points did Liverpool win during the 2020-21 season?

12/20 A sad football fan

Liverpool lost the last game of their 20-21 season. True or false?

13/20 Liverpool's Jordan Henderson

What number is captain Jordan Henderson?

14/20 Jordan Henderson laughing
@LFC | giphy

In 2021, Henderson scored his first Champions League goal in seven years in a 3-2 victory. But against which team?

15/20 Liverpool FC badge

Liverpool controversially changed their club badge for the beginning of the 21-22 season. True or false?

16/20 Mo Salah staring into a washing machine

What colour is Liverpool's third kit?

17/20 Alison Becker playing in goal for Liverpool
@lfc | giphy

In the 20-21 season, Alisson became the first-ever Liverpool goalkeeper to score a goal, when he hit the net against West Brom. True or false?

18/20 Men counting numbers gif
Achievement Hunter | Giphy

What place did Liverpool finish in the 20-21 Premier League?

19/20 A football stadium

Liverpool were top of the Premier League on Christmas Day in 2020 by beating which team by seven goals?

20/20 A trophy being held aloft on a rainy day

By the time the 21-22 season started, how many times have Liverpool won the league title?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! Are you an Everton fan or something?

Result: Nice

Nice! Why not have another go? You might do even better (this season)!

Result: Great

Great! That's a fantastic performance. Well done.

Result: Wow

Wow! You're a Liverpool genius. Is your name Jürgen Klopp or something?