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Epic Rosa Parks Quiz

How much do you know about the civil rights icon, Rosa Parks?

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Last Updated:  October 25th 2021

Everybody should be treated equally. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Thankfully, there are people who are brave enough to stand up and fight for equality… Take Rosa Parks for example (in her case she stayed sitting down for equality, but the result was the same) Her actions sparked a movement that ended Alabama’s racist 'Jim Crow' laws and her legacy lives on, inspiring civil rights activists across the world in the ongoing fight for equality.


1/20 In what country was Rosa Parks hometown?

2/20 United States map

And in what state was her hometown?


What is she best known for?

Wikipedia | Public Domain

What were the name of the controversial laws that enforced racial segregation in the US


Where was Rosa Parks sitting when someone asked her to move to make way for a white man?

6/20 A judge in court

What happened when she refused to give up her seat, breaking the law of the time?


What point did she argue with the police?


Where was the bus when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat?


The No. 2857 bus on which Parks was riding before her arrest is now a museum exhibit. True or False?


How did black citizens of Montgomery react to Rosa’s arrest and trial?

Greta Thunberg | The Guardian

Which famous activist led the boycott?

12/20 A statue of an American president

After more than a year of boycotting the buses, who ruled that Alabama’s racial segregation laws were “unconstitutional”

Wikipedia | Public Domain

How was Rosa Parks known?

Wikipedia | Public Domain

What year was Rosa Parks born?

Wikipedia | Public Domain

How much money was Rosa Parks fined?

16/20 A red post box

What was Rosa Parks’ job?

Wikipedia | Public Domain

Why did she move out of Alabama after the bus boycott?

18/20 A hand clutching a gold medal

Rosa Parks won the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1996 for her work in civil-rights. True or False?

19/20 A cheeky gold medal surrounded by splats

Rosa Parks won the Congressional Gold Medal in 1999 for her work in civil-rights. True or False?


Rosa Parks now has a bus station named after her. True or False?

Wikipedia | Public Domain

Not so good! Ask your teacher to tell you about Rosa Parks!

Wikipedia | Public Domain

Not bad! Ask your teacher to tell you more about Rosa Parks

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You’re a Rosa Parks Expert. Try again to get to the EPIC level

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You have EPIC level knowledge of Rosa Parks