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Epic What Type Of Fairy Am I Quiz?

It's time to find out what sort of fairy you are with this magical quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 24th 2022

It's time to find out what sort of fairy you are! Answer a few charming questions and we'll tell you exactly what type of fairy you are! And if you liked this, why not find out which Disney fairy you are with this quiz? if you're looking for more magic, we've got a quiz to Find Out Your Unicorn Name, and we've got loads of magical Disney quizzes here!


Where would you most like to hang out?


Pick an outdoor activity


Pick a mythical creature


Pick a nice hobby


Pick a famous fairy


Pick a fairy instrument


What do you look for in a friend?


Pick a bird


Pick a Disney film


10/10 Pick a colour

Woodland Fairy

You are a woodland fairy! You like to linger behind trees and make your homes in hollows. You love chatting to the squirrels and the owls. You're very in touch with nature and you love plants, especially trees! Your favourite colour is moss green!

Hedgerow Gnome

You're a gnome! You live in hedgerows and like to forage in the ground. You're an expert on mushrooms, berries and hedgerow companions like mice and sparrows. You can whip up a meal from anything you find lying around. Your favourite colour is bramble purple!

Flower Fairy!

You're a flower fairy! You live in meadows and fields among wild flowers, and you make your home amongst their petals. You are particularly handy at making medicines and cures from all the different flowers you find, as well as making your clothes from them! Your favourite colour is peony pink!

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River Sprite

You're a river sprite! You live amongst the pebbles and overhanding branches of the river, and you love to swim amongst the trout all day! You're an expert in finding fresh water pearls and making things from seaweed. Your favourite colour is azure blue!