Everything You Need to Know About the The Great British Bake Off Winner Sophie!

Sophie won The Great British Bake Off 2017 but how well do you know the star baker? Here are some facts that will help you get to know her!

Sophie Faldo won the Great British Bake Off, beating Kate and Steven to the top spot!

Wait, who won the Bake Off?

Image by @britishbakeoff | Instagram

1. She lives with her boyfriend David and her cat, Loki!

Her cat seems to like climbing up chimneys! 

Image by @sophiefaldo | Instagram

2. Her boyfriend entered her into the competition!

Here she is, ready to bake!

Image by http://www.channel4.com/

3. Sophie's boyfriend is a chef, so maybe she got some tips from him?

Here they are with the winning cake stand!

Image by @sophiefaldo | Instagram

4. Sophie loves cycling and has won loads of medals in different competitions!

Image by @sophiefaldo | Instagram

5. Before the Bake Off, Sophie was training to be a stunt woman and personal trainer

She's basically a superhero when she's at work!

Image by @britishbakeoff | Instagram

6. But now that she's won the Bake Off she thinks she might work on writing a book

Image by @BritishBakeOff | Twitter

7. She wants to travel the world first to find new flavours for her bakes!

Image by @sophiefaldo | Instagram

Well done Sophie!

Image by @BritishBakeOff | Twitter

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