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Which Fae Farm Character Are You?

We're in the land of Azoria for this cosy personality quiz! Find out which islander matches your personality perfectly!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 2nd 2024

If you've been grinding away in Fae Farm to bring your stats up, well done! You deserve a break! Why not spend it taking this quiz to find out which citizen of Azoria you are - maybe Pepper? Or Argyle? Or even Jack, one of the first people you meet! Who knows, the result might surprise you! Don't forget to have a go at our Fae Farm trivia quiz, or maybe see which Mineko's Night Market character you are, or which villager you'd be in Animal Crossing!


If we travel to Azoria, where will we find you hanging out the most?


What do you like to do after a long day of farming?


What's your perfect Sunday activity?


Choose a beautiful colour!


If you weren't a farmer, what would your dream job be?


Pick something good to eat (or drink)!


Which of these strange gifts would totally win you over?


What do you prefer?


Choose a pet to take to your farmstead!


Pick a pie filling!

Fae Farm | Phoenix Labs | Phoenix Labs


You're Pepper! You're sweet, friendly and adventurous, but most of all you just love to cook, bake and - of course - eat! We bet you just love berry jam, too!

Fae Farm | Phoenix Labs | Phoenix Labs


You're Argyle! You're kind and friendly, and a little bit of a nerd - and that's why everyone loves you! We bet frogs are your favourite animals, and you love to spend time with your favourite people!

Fae Farm | Phoenix Labs | Phoenix Labs


You're Pyria! You're a little shy and quite introverted, and you love to spend time alone to read and think. You're also in touch with your goth side - but you're always kindhearted and a great friend!

Fae Farm | Phoenix Labs | Phoenix Labs


You're Jack! You're kind, adventurous, and you know the Spooky Woods like the back of your hand! You might also be super-handy with an axe!