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Can You Cook Up A Top Score In This Female Chef Quiz?

We've cooked up a quiz to test you on famous female chefs! Answer these questions and see how much you know about women chefs and their amazing impact on food!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 25th 2022

Tuck into this quiz all about amazing women chefs and see how much you know! We've stirred some questions all about female chefs, their history and their achievements into this epic quiz, so have a go and see if you can get three Michelin stars! Bon Appetit!

1/10 Female chef preparing dish with goofy Beano pizza

Which of these is a famous celebrity chef?

2/10 Smiling female chef with Beano egg

What's the name of the famous female chef who was the first chef to have 6 Michelin stars in 1933?

3/10 Smiling female chef with splats

Where was she from?

4/10 Female spy with leaves obscuring her

Which famous TV chef was also once a spy?

5/10 Derpy Beano llama with fancy food

Who runs the highest ranking restaurant in Spain?

6/10 Laughing female chef with Beano cupcake

Who is the first female Italian chef to have a three Michelin star restaurant?

7/10 Smiling female chef with Beano pineapple

Where is Lanshu Chen from?

8/10 Female chef on yellow background with Beano food

Which restaurant was Clare Smyth previously head chef at?

9/10 Smiling female chef with food and splat and cat paw

Who introduced Indian cooking to British households in the 1970s?

10/10 Cookies with goofy faces

True or false: a female chef invented the chocolate chip cookie?

Oh no result

Nooo! You've failed! You don't know anything about female chefs! But that's ok! Have another go and see if you've learned something new!

Try again result

You got a couple right there, but you can do better! Have another try and see what you learned about female chefs!

Well done result

Nice work! You know your Julia Child from your Delia Smith! But can you get full marks? Have another go and see!

Amazing result

Woah! You got full marks, awesome! You have great taste in quizzes, and this one was a piece of cake! well done!