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Fart Fighting – Fartnale! Will Lexi or Dan Win in the Final Fart Fight?

It's the fart fight to end them all, Dan versus Lexi in an epic Fartnale! There can be only one winner...

Farting is pretty much the funniest thing a human can do, but we’ve taken guffing to a whole new level of competition. 

So far we’ve seen Ky take on Dan and Lexi versus Ky in 2 epic fart battles… but this, this is the big rumble, the ultimate blow-out. It’s the fartnale! 

Get ready for Lexi versus Dan, 2 farting titans going head to head across five rounds. There’s the wet fart, the creaky door, the flabbergaster, the rumbling volcano and everyone’s favourite, the truly dangerous silent but deadly. 

Who will win coveted title of finest farter? Will someone accidentally fart for real? It’s all to play for in the fartnale!