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How to Make Bananaman's Festive Fidget Toy!

Here's a step-by-step guide to making this fantastic flextangle and watch Eric magically fazoom into Bananaman!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  December 11th 2021

It's most wonderful time of the year – hot chocolate, festive cheer and now, festive fidget toys featuring Bananaman and Eric Wimp's happy faces! Within a few minutes, you could transform a simple piece of paper into a superhero-themed toy!

Bananaman Festive Fidget Toy

You'll need:

• Scissors

• Glue

• Ruler

Step 1

Take your pair of scissors and then carefully out your flextangle template along the dotted lines. Yes, a flextangle – your fancy festive fidget toy!

Step 2

Now fold along all the solid lines of the template. It will help if you use a ruler to make a sharp crease along each solid line.

Step 3

You're doing well! Now roll the template into a tube, with the picture side facing out. Then glue the areas marked ‘glue’ – clever, eh? – to the back of the sections with Eric in them so the edges each align.

Step 4

You should end up with a tube with three bumps in it like this. Your festive fidget toy is really beginning to take shape. Don't get any mince pie on it, though.

Step 5

You're almost there! Next, curl the tube around into a ring shape and glue the tabs into the other end. You've practically finished!

Step 6

Your festive fidget toy should be in a shape like this. Remember to leave the glue to dry and try not to stick your hands to the toy. When you've allowed the glue to dry, hold the spinner in both hands and use your thumbs to push the centre of the spinner. The outsides will turn towards you, revealing the next picture!