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Can You Name The Top 10 Teams On FC 24?

If you love gaming and football, it's likely that FC 24 is your favourite game. How well do you know the top 10 ranked teams?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 18th 2024

FC 24 is the latest edition of football gaming excellence from EA Sports (it's in the game). Do you think you know who the top 10 ranked sides are? This quiz will test even the biggest fan of the beautiful game!

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1/10 A football player waiting in a stadium tunnel

This Premier League team are placed 10th with an overall score of 82. Who are they?

2/10 Bacon Dad waiting for a London Underground train

Which an overall rating of 82, this team are the highest ranking London side. Who are they?

3/10 A football caught between to players' boots

This team are the only side to represent Italy in the FC 24 Top 10. Who are they?

4/10 A singing football fan

This Spanish team are placed 7th in the FC 24 rankings. Who are excelente?

5/10 A French football fan

This French team are ranked 6th on FC 24. Which side are the most magnifique?

6/10 Two footballers compete for the ball

Placed 5th in the FC 24 rankings, this English side are one of the most exciting teams in the Premier League. Who are they?

7/10 A ball floating over Barcelona

This Spanish team are stars of La Liga 1. Who are they?

8/10 A hand holding a gaming controller next to a laughing chicken

This Bundesliga side are placed third overall. Which team is it?

9/10 A football fan crossing their fingers for luck

This Spanish team have earned rating of 85 and are placed second But who are they?

10/10 A cat holding a foam hand

This team are regarded as the BEST team on FC 24. Can you name them?

Result: Oh no

Oh no! A disappointing first half, topped off with a similarly disappointing second half. In summary: disappointing. You can do better!

Result: Good try

Good try! You gave a strong performance but ultimately not enough to get a high score. But you could always try again. Does Jude Bellingham ever give up? Never!

Result: Great Work

Great work! A strong game with a pleasing result, but you just missed out on a perfect score. Why not have another go? Harry Kane believes in you!

Result: Wow

Wow! A dynamic performance at the Trivia Stadium, leaving spectators in no doubt as to who is the GOAT when it comes to quizzes. Player of the Match material!