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Which Hashtag United Player Are You?

Hashtag United are a new and unique football team. But which star of the pitch are you most like? Find out now!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 7th 2024

Hashtag United are from the town Hashtag, Essex. Only joking. They're based in Essex and play their home games at Parkside in Aveley. They're a semi-professional team and were only formed in 2016. You're probably thinking which Tags player you're most like, so we've created a special scientifically backed personality quiz which will reveal which star of the team you're most similar to. Are you ready? Let's go!

1/10 A cat giggling at football tactics

Pick a position!

2/10 Nuts

What snack will you have after training?

3/10 A gamer and a goat enjoying a game of FC 24

What's your favourite FC 24 move?

4/10 Sunday dinner

Pick a healthy post-match meal!

5/10 A person thinking about this question

Which player do you admire?

6/10 A footballer holding a refreshing bottle of water

What's your favourite thing about half-time?

7/10 Hashtag United badge

What's the best thing about playing for Hashtag United?

8/10 Farai Tsingano

How do you celebrate a goal?

9/10 A smiling football before a penalty kick

You've been selected to take an important penalty. Where will you slot the ball?

10/10 Sports commentator's microphone

How would you handle a post-match interview?

Result: Courtney Lumley


You're like Courtney Lumley, who's also played for West Ham. You're a powerful defender and has been described as a "rock at the back"!

Result: Farai Tsingano


You're like Farai Tsingano, who stands at 182 Beanos high and is an exciting, dependable player!

Result: Greg Halford


You're like Greg Halford, who's played for Nottingham Forest, Colchester United, Wolves and more! Greg was part of the the PFA League One team of the year in 2006, and while he's currently a defender, his versatile enough to play in any position apart from goal!

Result: Emma Samways


You're like Emma Samways, who's a forward for Hashtag United. She's played for Huddersfield Town Women, Guiseley Vixens, and Yeovil Town Women before joining Hashtag United. She's known for her skillful runs at goal and is also a police officer in Essex!