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Fiago Fussball Trivia Quiz: Footie Fanatics Only!

Fiago is one of the freshest faces in footie content - but how well do you know him?!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 20th 2024

Some people say that football was invented in England, others say it was invented in China - but when it comes to making brilliant videos it’s the Germans that lead the way. Fiago loves football more than anything and his little clips show a side to the sport that can really open your eyes! So let’s see how well you know this force of football footage! Let’s go!


What sport is Fiago most into?


Which European country is he from?


What does he think about Dortmund’s Yellow Wall?


What club does he support?


What is his last name?


In 2024 he was a commentator for a game between Hoffenheim and which other German team?


What are his favourite games to watch?


In 2024 who was Hamburg’s manager?


What colour is his hair?


Fiago often goes to see rivals play - but which game ended so badly he couldn’t speak?

Oh, no! You’ve had a solid effort but it’s not looking good this time! Who’d have seen this coming? But don’t worry, legend status isn’t given overnight; it takes dedication, patience, and, above all, practice. So why not give it another shot and see if you can top your previous performance?

Impressive! You’ve locked it down now! You’ve clearly got the Fiago bug for football and although there is still space to do better, you’ve got a good grasp so far! So if you feel you can do better, why not give this quiz another whirl and see if you can lift the trophy? Maybe you need to brush up on your derby knowledge!?

Brilliant! You know pretty much everything that there is to know about Fiago, it’s almost as if you’re besties! Maybe if you play your cards right you might get invited along with Fiago to one of those intense matches he gets to visit! There's still room for improvement; why not give the quiz another go and see where it leads? Maybe promotion, maybe relegation… who knows?!

Woah! Alright! You've crushed this quiz and shown you know pretty much everything that there is to know about Fiago and his amazing videos! Impressive work! With this level of knowledge, you could channel it into making your own football videos - of course you’ve learnt from the best but that’s fine!! Now this one has been nailed 100% right, why not have a look at some of our other quizzes and see if you can ace them too?