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Can You Match The Fictional Town to the TV Show?

Do you know the pretend places of where your favourite shows are set? Take this geographic quiz now and see!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  January 14th 2022
1/10 Hawkins Indiana

Which show is based in Hawkins, Indiana?

2/10 Medford, Texas

What about Medford, Texas?

3/10 Stars Hollow, Connecticut

Which show is based in Stars Hollow, Connecticut?

4/10 Summer Bay

Which TV show takes place in Summer Bay?

5/10 Ba Sing Se

Which animated show is set in Ba Sing Se?

6/10 Elmore

Which cartoon is set in the pretend city of Elmore?

7/10 Jump City

Which show takes place in Jump City?

8/10 Beach City

What animated programme takes place in Beach City?

9/10 Dimmsdale

This show is set in Dimmsdale. What is it called?

10/10 Ponyville

For one final point, which clip-clopping animated show takes place in Ponyville?

Oh no
The Fairly OddParents | Frederator Studios Nickelodeon Animation Studio Billionfold Inc. | Nickelodeon

Oh no! Do you need a map?

Good try
The Amazing World Of Gumball | Cartoon Network

Good try! Why not have another go?

Great work
Teen Titans Go! | DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation | Cartoon Network

Great work! You've been paying attention!

Stranger Things | 21 Laps Entertainment | Netflix

Wow! You're a fictional TV town expert, aren't you?