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Fidget Spinners… in Space!

Earth might be a bit fidget spinner-ed out, but in space they're still pretty exciting!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 16th 2017

Remember fidget spinners? We were really into them for a while before realising they didn't do that much

They just... revolve

Fidget spinner

Well, they've done an exciting thing again, by going into SPACE!

@AstroKomrade | Twitter

The Commander of the International Space Station, Randy "Komrade" Bresik, has been having fun with one!

@AstroKomrade | Twitter

In a zero-gravity environment, they behave quite a lot differently...

@AstroKomrade | Twitter

But then, so does the human body!

@AstroKomrade | Twitter

It must be great being an astronaut, just idioting about in space all day!

@AstroKomrade | Twitter