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The Ultimate Fidget Toy Quiz

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  June 16th 2022

How much do you know about fidget toys? Test your trivia on these poppin new toys!

1/12 Fidget spinners with eyes

Are fidget toys the same as fidget spinners?

2/12 Woman meditating and quokka

What are fidget toys meant to help with?

3/12 School children and surprised giraffe

Are fidget toys allowed in school?

4/12 Rainbow pop it

Can fidget toys help you focus?

5/12 Different pop its

What are Pop Its?

6/12 Pineapple and water background

Can Pop Its get wet?

7/12 Recycling things and surprised bear

Are Pop Its recyclable?

8/12 Pop it and arrows

Do Pop Its make a noise?

9/12 Pop its and fruit with faces

What colour are Pop Its?

10/12 Pop it with splat and question mark

What are Pop Its made of?

11/12 Yellow pop it with orange animals

True or False: Pop Its are Addison Rae's favourite thing?

12/12 Happy dog face on red background

Are Pop Its suitable for pets?


Wow, good job! You're obsessed with fidget toys!


Well done! You know a thing or two about fidget toys!


You know a couple of things about fidget toys but you could do better! Try again!


Uh oh, looks like you don't know anything about fidget toys! Try again and see if you do any better!