Quiz: Fill in the Missing Dua Lipa Lyrics!

How well do you know Dua Lipa's lyrics? Find out by taking this amazing quiz!

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I've been far, and I've been so deep, now I find it harder and harder to ______

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Time is ticking, and we gotta leave town ______

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I've been sick and tired of running, chasing all of the ______ _______

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There's a crack in my window, a ____ in my room

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Maybe one day I can see you, we can smile and ____

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You saw a spark where there wasn't a ____

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Sleep, pretty darling, do not cry and I will sing a ____

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I was just sitting here thinking of your kiss and your warm ______

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Okie dokie, alkie, keep it lowkey like ____

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So please, New York, mend my broken ____ tonight

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