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Find a TV Show For Me Quiz

If you're looking for something different to watch, take this quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  June 16th 2022

Sometimes you just don't know what to watch but our quiz can you help you find something FAST instead of wasting time scrolling through Netflix and Disney+! If you liked this quiz, take our Which Jessie Character Are You Quiz, Just Add Magic Quiz or the Which Bunk'd Character Am I Quiz.

United Plankton Pictures / Nickelodeon

Pick a show you like right now: 

Universal Pictures

Pick a movie you like:


Do you like movies or shows better?


Pick a type of show you like:

Cartoon Network Studios / Warner Bros.

Do you want to watch something animated?


What time are you in bed by?


How old are you?

Werner Film Productions | ABC1

Dance Academy!

If you like shows with a little bit of drama and a lot of story, Dance Academy is the one for you. It has all the stuff you love: dancing, drama, and, because it’s set in Australia, some pretty cool accents! 

Gallop | TV Tokyo


If you’re a fan of anime or any cartoons really, you should give Yu-Gi-Oh a go! It has magic, monsters, battles, and all that other cool stuff. 

Nickelodeon Productioons | NIckelodeon


If you haven’t watched Victorious yes, what are you waiting for? The songs are awesome and the storylines are great. You might even recognise a familiar face before she got super-duper famous! (It may or may not be Ariana Grande!)

The Stuffed Dog Company | NBC


If funny shows are your style, then how have you not seen The Fresh Prince of Bel Air featuring Will Smith? It's full of funny chapters from Carlton and his lol-tastic dances through to Uncle Phil - who's often angry at Will's antics, but not for long!