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10 Fascinating Food Facts You Didn't Know!

These fascinating food facts will tickle your mind's taste buds!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  February 4th 2022

Food isn't just delicious, it's also really weird! These tasty food facts will really feed your brain!  If you liked these food facts, check out more weird and fun facts here! If you'd like to test your food knowledge, we've got some great food quizzes too.  And if you're looking for more challenges, check out our Geography quizzes

1. You can't taste as well if you hold your nose!

If you ever want to know how important your nose is, hold it while you eat something! It won't taste nearly as good! That's because your nose is almost as important for tasting food as your tongue is! That's why nothing tastes as good when you have a cold! 

2. Apples, potatoes and fish and chips are all foreign food!

Yes, turns out NONE of these commons foods are native to Britain! The Romans introduced apples, along with lots of other things like cherries, onions and turnips, while potatoes were brought back from America by explorers like Walter Raleigh. As for fish and chips, originally fish was fried on a Friday to preserve it by Eastern European Jewish people  so they could eat it the next day. It became popular in Victorian Britain due to immigration! 

3. Coca Cola used to be a medicine!

When Coke was originally sold in 1886, it was marketed as a tonic to help people feel better. And the reason they felt so much better is because coke used to be full of dangerous drugs! 

4. Peanuts aren't nuts!

Techincally, peanuts aren't a nut at all - they're actually part of the legume family. Other legumes include peas, lentils and beans.  But the protein in peanuts is similar to most nuts, so we group them together!

5. Rotten eggs float

If you want to tell how fresh an egg is, place it in a glass of water. If it sinks, it's fresh! But if it floats, it's rotten! Try it yourself! 

6. The biggest ever pizza was 122 feet wide!

It was made in South Africa in 1990, and had nearly 4,000 pounds of cheese on it! Wow! Could you eat that much pizza?

7. Carrots used to be purple!

In the 17th century, when carrots were first introduced to Europe, they were purple. Some people think they were changed to orange  to honour the Dutch royal family, the House of Orange. How did they do it?  By carefully cross-breeding different shades of carrot until orange ones were produced! Would you change a vegetable's colour to impress the queen? 

8. Honey never goes off!

Most food has a sell-by date, but not honey! Honey is basically just sugar, which keeps for a very long time. So long, in fact, that edible honey has been found in ancient Egyptian tombs! 

9. Lemons float, limes sink

More floating food! This time, lemons and limes. Although they may look almost identical and limes are smaller, limes are denser than lemons, which means if you put one in a glass of water, it will sink! 

10. Bananas are berries!

Yup! And what's more, a strawberry isn't! In botany (the study of plants) berry is a term which means, among other things, a fruit with three layers. Which  a banana has, but a strawberry doesn't! So technically, bananas, tomatoes and kiwis all count as berries, but raspberries and strawberries don't!