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Share Your Favourite Football Skill Moves and We'll Tell You Which Blue Beetle Character You're Most Like!

Will your skills take you past the keeper or turn you into a bug?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 22nd 2024

We’ve all got that favourite skill that sneaks you past the last player and in on goal, but it’s about time we found out what that means to the kind of person you really are! Or more, which of the brilliant Blue Beetle characters you’ve got most in common with! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!


How many keepie-uppies can you do?


What’s your go to move in the midfield?


You’re one on one with the keeper, what do you do?


What is the best route through the midfield?


You’re two on one versus the keeper, do you pass the ball?


Your keeper just scored an own goal, how do you react?


What does nutmeg mean to you?


Choose your skill move?


You’ve messed up a scissor kick and hurt your back, what do you do?


What skill move is the hardest for you?

DC | YouTube


Epic, you’ve got the most in common with Nana! She might be the oldest character, but comes with a world of experience that you simply can’t teach! She’s got skills and a knowledge of the beautiful game that means that whatever comes her way, she’s got a little trick to handle. Experience counts for a lot!

DC | YouTube

Jenny Kord!

Jenny knows right from wrong, even if it doesn’t always work out for her - she always wants to do the right thing, which is why you’ve got this result! Jenny would much rather pass the ball with a neat little backheel than try and have a shot herself - if it meant that the goal opened up for the team, she’d be right there!

DC | YouTube

Victoria Kord!

Okay! Wow, you’ve got the most in common with Victoria Kord! She’s the baddest, meanest business woman out there - but heck, aren’t they all?! No, Victoria is pure evil, she’s the sneaky pass back when it’s two on one vs the keeper - bad news for the goalie, but excellent at doing what needs to be done!

DC | YouTube

Blue Beetle!

Nice! You’ve got the Blue Beetle! One of the most incredible superheroes out there, the Blue Beetle wants to show off their fantastic skills, just like you! They always go for the flashiest tactics out there, busting our worldies left right and centre, but they, like you have got the confidence and skill to back it up!