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Can You Name All Football Teams in London?

London is a big place, full of footie fans - but can you name the clubs in the capital? Let’s see!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  December 16th 2022

England is the birthplace of football, if you didn’t already know and as the capital city of England, London has got some of the finest clubs in the world. From the wonderful Tottenham to the sturdy and strong Crystal Palace, London has it all! But can you tell the clubs based on the hints and clues in the images below? There’s only one way to find out and that’s right here!


Name this team!


Name this team!


Name this team!


Name this team!


Name this team!


Which club plays in ‘The Den’?


Which London football club shares a name with a famous tennis tournament?


Which club wears a blue kit and has a badge with a lion holding a stick?


Which part of London is Arsenal originally from?


Which team plays in the Craven Cottage?

Uh Oh! Are you looking at the right quiz? Are you sure you meant football, not American Football? Or Golf, or competitive breadmaking? But never fear - why not check out some of the football facts on the site and see if you can learn a bit more about the beautiful game!?

Nice! You’re done pretty well here! It’s not easy to be able to name so many clubs in London, but you’ve done just that! Of course, there is room for improvement and we think you can do even better - so why not have another go and see if you can put a few more past the quiz-keeper!?

High score! Well done, you’re almost a professional football quiz master! Excellent stuff, you should give yourself a pat on the back! Why not check out some of the other football quizzes and facts on the Beano site and see if you can beat them too?!

Epic! Full marks! You’re the true expert! Your knowledge of London football clubs is so good you should probably think about being a manager - or at least one of those people that throw the balls back onto the pitch when Harry Kane pelts them into the crowd! Well done! Why not try your quizzing skills at some of the other quizzes we’ve got on the Beano site?!