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Fortnite LEGO Mode Trivia Quiz Brilliant Builders Only!

In what is probably the biggest crossover in history, it’s time for Lego x Fortnite - can you handle it?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  March 19th 2024

With all the best bits from both universes, Lego Fortnite is one of the greatest, and most exciting games to be released! Sure it might exist in the Fortnite world, but slapping these two titans of gaming together has created something truly amazing! So what are you waiting for! Let’s test your knowledge!


What comes out at night?


How many friends can you play with?


What is the name of the rocky seaside area?


What is special about Sandbox mode?


In survival mode, what do you start with?


What is the danger of the nighttime?


What do you need to build the best buildings?


How do you get milk from cows?


What is the name of the cold area of the map?


How do you get the campfire blueprint?

Fortnite X Lego | Epic Games

Alright, let's dive into the world of LEGO! So, this isn’t quite the outcome you were aiming for. In fact, you didn't quite stack up those knowledge bricks well on this quiz at all - but just like a determined LEGO builder, why give up now? The night is long, and full of terrors! How about giving it another shot and see if you can master this quiz!?

Fortnite X Lego | Epic Games

Awesome! We're on a roll now! You've definitely got some building blocks of knowledge under your belt! You've grasped some crucial LEGO facts and slapped them together in a way that only Fortnite allows! But there's still room for more bricks in your tower before LEGO Man can rely on you to engineer a solution in a tricky situation! Why not have another go and see if you can survive the night!

Fortnite X Lego | Epic Games

lam! Look at you go! Not many people reach this level, especially on one of these challenging quizzes! You've shown some serious building skills and the unstoppable ability to go out and harvest blocks like a true explorer! Just like a master LEGO architect, you never back down! Keep up the fantastic work! And if you're feeling up to it, why not take another spin and aim for that perfect score?

Fortnite X Lego | Epic Games

Wowza! You've conquered it! You've mastered this quiz with such expertise that even the most seasoned builders would tip their little plastic hats! You've built such an impressive creation that even LEGO Man himself would need to swing by to admire it! Congratulations! So, what's next? Another quiz? Perhaps a victory dance with your LEGO creations? The world is yours to explore! Ride that alpaca into the sunset - you’ve crushed this!