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10 Fox Facts

Find fantastic fun fox facts fast! 10 foxy facts to flabbergast your friends!

Beano Facts Team
Last Updated:  October 28th 2022

We all  know foxes are cunning, canny and partial to chicken, but what other facts are there about this fascinating, furry-faced creature? When you're all fox-facted out there's a whole world of other fabulous animal facts to investigate. Then you might be able to beat some of our animal quizzes!  And just for you, once you know everything you could possibly know about animals, there's even some funny fun facts too. Basically The Beano has facts coming out of its ears, and they're all for you. You're welcome!

1. Foxes don't like parties!

Foxes are canine, which means they're related to wolves and dogs. Unlike other canines, foxes are solitary creatures who only live in family groups when they're raising their young fox cubs. Because of this you'll never find a foxes in a pack or at a party.

2. Foxes are the only animal that can climb trees

Not all species of fox can climb trees but one can. The Gray Fox (pictured) has extra hooky claws that allow it to scramble up trees to escape predators like dogs and coyotes.

3. Foxes make good parents (if you like eating stuff out of bins)

Foxes are born blind and live their parents for the first months of their lives. There are even reports of vixens bringing food to cubs caught in traps. Way to go, Mum!

4. Some species of fox are really small!

The Fennec Fox is the size of a kitten. So cute!!!

5. Humans and Foxes go way back!

Archeologists found an ancient grave in Jordan containing the remains of a man and his pet fox! The grave was dated 4000 years before the first-known human and dog were buried together. But how did they know it was a pet fox? Maybe they checked the dead dude's instagram account or something? 

6. You can buy a pet fox!

This is MASSIVE NEWS. YOU CAN BUY A PET FOX. In the 1960's a fox-mad scientist named Dmitry Belyaev bred thousands of foxes before finally achieving a domesticated fox that behaves just like a pet dog. There's only one problem. They cost over $6000. Maybe stick to a hamster, eh?

7. Arctic Foxes can change colour!

And it's not just to keep up with the latest fashions, either. Arctic foxes change colour from brown to white with the changing seasons so they always remain camouflaged whatever the weather!

8. Foxes are always popping up in stories!

Foxes appear in stories and folklore quite a bit. Most of the time they are villains or thieves. One of the most famous stories is Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. In Finnish mythology the fox is said to have created the northern lights with its tail! Sounds far-fetched to me but what do I know? After all, I thought an ancient Jordanian might have an instagram account!

9. Foxes stink!

And it's not just because they don't clean their teeth. It's how they know who is who and it's also a way to mark their territory.

10. A group of foxes can be called a "Skulk"

But please don't ask me who came up with this term.