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Extra Fun Maths Quiz!

Maths IS fun! Take this awesome quiz to find out why!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  February 19th 2023

Whether you love it or hate it, maths is super important and necessary - as in, nothing in the entire universe would work without it! Make it fun for yourself with these ten mind-bending questions! Some are easy, some are tricky - let's see how well you can do! Remember, the key is sometimes to think outside the box. And for more mathematical shenanigans, why not try some of our other quizzes? Try your fourteen times tables, see how your Year 7 maths is, or test your trigonometry!


If you and your best friend are sharing a cake, and she says she wants four eighths of it, how much do you have?


What's 3.75 + 4.251?


What's the longest side of a right-angle triangle called?


What's 10 x 5 x 0?


What is it called when two circles have the same centre?


I have a box with six doughnuts! There are six children, but one doughnut MUST stay in the box! How do I give each of them a doughnut?


15 + x = 25. What is x?


How many triangles are in this picture?


Here's a brain tickler! What number is being covered by the parked car?


If one = 3, two = 3, three = 5, and four = 4, what does 5 equal?

Uh oh! Looks like you might want to give it another go!

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WOW, you're a total maths god! You must be tip-top of your class!