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This Year 7 Maths Quiz Is So Good I Can't Even

So, you think you're good at maths, huh? Test yourself with this mega Year 7 maths quiz challenge! It's more fun than it sounds, honest!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:Β  July 15th 2022

Maths. It's pretty important. Well, actually it's so important that absolutely nothing in the Universe would work without it. So it's worth checking in on those maths skills every now and again! We've written 10 questions based on a Year 7 kid's maths skills - but they're still worth trying if you're a bit older or younger!

Ready to have a go at these fractions, angles and decimals? Who knows - you might even have fun! Let's do it!

1/10 Fractions quiz thumbnail

Which of these is the same as a quarter?


If 7x is 14, what is x?


The two angles in orange are the same. Right?

4/10 A slice of apple pie
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If you had 1/4 of a pie, and legendary goalkeeper David Seaman had 1/2 a pie, how much pie would you both have?


13 minus x = 2. What's x?


What kind of triangle is this?


What do the angles inside a triangle add up to?


Put the right symbol in the gap!


What's 360 divided by 3?


What colour is the CIRCUMFERENCE of this pizza?

Uh oh! You need to brush up on your maths skills! Have a look back at these answers and see if you can work out where you went wrong. And when you're ready - we have plenty more maths quizzes for you to try!

Decent maths skills, fellow maths fan! You've done alright! You did miss out on a few correct answers though - have another go and see if you can do better next time? Good luck!

Very well done! This a great score - A grade maths stuff, right here! You're clearly a talented mathematician - you did JUST miss out on top marks though, do you think you can get 100% on a different maths quiz?

Wahoo! Very, very impressive! A perfect score! Great work! You really do know your maths! Nothing to improve on here - but maybe you can see if you can get another full house on a different maths quiz?