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20 Funny Fairy Jokes and Puns for Kids

Impress your friends with these hilariously funny jokes and puns about fairies.

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 15th 2022

Once upon a time there was a hilarious list of Fairy jokes and puns on the Beano website… We could finish the story but you probably know what comes next; a list of gigglesome, chuckleworthy and occassionally awful puns all about our favourite wish-giving mythical humanoid, the fairy. Could you find a better list of fairy jokes and puns anywhere else on the internet? I don’t thinkerbell!

Where does the tooth fairy find mislaid teeth?

Flossed property!

Why was Tinkerbell embarrassed?

She Peter Pans!

What do you call a fairy who refuses to wash her armpits?


How does a fairy keep his trousers from falling down?

With a tinkerbelt!

What kind of photos do fairies take?


I went to a blonde fairy convention. The ticket price wasn’t too expensive…

It was a very fair fare for a fair fairy fayre!

What did the cow say when she saw a fairy in the clover?

Nothing, cows can’t talk!

Did you hear about the long fairytale where a robot looks after a giant lizard?

You could say it tends to dragon!

I bought a broken Cinderella Figure. Luckily the Disney store replaced it…

It was a fair retail ending!

My little sister wanted a fairy tale party…

I gave her some bread crumbs and left her in the forest!

The fairy website has low quality images…

They’re pixielated!

What do you call a tiny fairy?


Rapunzel is a…

Hairy Tale!

A dog with nice long hair

What do you call a clever fairy?


Why don’t fairies live in toadstools?

Because there’s not mushroom!

A magical creature granted me three fishes..

It was my fairy codmother!

Did you hear about the fairy rock ‘n’ roll star?

He was called Elfish Pressley!

What is a fairy’s favourite fizzy drink?


What do fairies learn in school?

The elf-abet!

How do magical sprites wash up?

With fairy liquid!