GBBO Candice Facts

Things you need to know about this year's brilliant Bake Off winner

Her nan was her baking inspiration

Serious #nanskillz

GBBO winner Candice Brown and her nan
Image by candicebrown | Instagram

She wears amazing lipsticks and has the best pout on TV

Almost as epic as her baking

GBBO's Candice and Selasi
Image by Giphy

She has a seriously cute pug called Dennis


GBBO winner Candice Brown and her pet pug Dennis
Image by candicebrown | Instagram

And an equally brilliant bulldog called Harry

Wait... is Harry reading?!

GBBO winner Candice Brown's pet bulldog Harry
Image by candicebrown | Instagram

She has a little pug pillow collection

We think Candice likes pugs

GBBO winner Candice Brown's pet pug
Image by candicebrown | Instagram

In real life, Candice is a PE teacher

Proud students!

GBBO winner Candice Brown's teacher note
Image by candicebrown | Instagram

She likes to bake in her PJs

And hang out with Dennis in her PJs too

Candice Brown and her dog Dennis
Image by candicebrown | Instagram

After winning Bake Off, Candice went on a road trip with fellow finalist Jane!


Candice and Jane from Great British Bake Off
Image by candicebrown | Instagram

Let's not forget she can make an actual 3D peacock. Say whhhhhaaaaat?

GBBO winner Candice Brown and a 3D peacock
Image by britishbakeoff | Twitter

Most importantly, she's an awesome baker – CONGRATULATIONS CANDICE!

GBBO winner Candice Brown
Image by Giphy

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