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Kids Geography Quiz

What on Earth is this Kids Geography Quiz about?


What is the capital city of Russia?


What country is Rome the capital of?


What continent is Algeria in?


Who’s flag shows a red maple leaf?


Who's flag is this?


What country is the Amazon rainforest mostly in?


What country is the Gobi desert mainly in?

Sam & Cat | Schneider's Bakery | Nickelodeon

Which is the longest river in the world?


Where is the worlds largest freshwater lake?


Impossible Question: What is the term for the fastest/deepest path of a river? You are allowed to ask a Professor of Geography or an Aquatic Biologist if there happens to be one nearby.

Don't know much about geography? Try one of our facile YouTuber quizzes instead (and yes, I am being patronising!)

Not bad. You know how to get from A to B even if sometimes, you go via Z. Sadly, for this quiz you need at least 9/10 to get to the next level. YOU WILL NEVER DO IT. 

You're like a Geography Professor or something! Maybe you could write the next Geography quiz and send it in? It would certainly save me having to google obscure geography terms all morning.