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Which Gladiator Are You Most Like?

Ever watched Gladiators and wondered which athlete you're most like? Answer these 10 questions and we'll tell you!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 5th 2024

Gladiators was a must-watch Saturday tea-time show in 1992 and it lasted for 8 years. It made a brief comeback in 2008 and fans have had to wait for 16 years to see the show again. It features a brand new cast of athletes and it's one of the best shows on TV! But which of the gladiatorial team are you most like? Are you like Wolf or Jet from the original show, or are you one of the newcomers to this highly-competitive series?

Gladiator quizzers! You will go on our first whistle!


1/10 Two friends hanging out together

How would your friends describe you?

2/10 A pink skull floats near a boy in an old library

What's your favourite kind of book to get at the library?

3/10 A woman lifting heavy weights in a gym

What are you going to do this weekend?

4/10 A person enjoying a coffee and using their smartphone

What type of Beano quiz do you enjoy the most?

5/10 A delicious meal

Pick a tasty meal!

6/10 The four presidents carved into the rock face of Mount Rushmore

A big obstacle is blocking your path on the way home from school. What do you do?

7/10 A clothes rack full of colourful t-shirts

Pick a colour to wear to the gym!

8/10 A man playing trombone next to a cat

What song will you choose to be your "walk out" theme?

9/10 A wolf smiling for the camera

Pick an animal!

10/10 An American football player

What does winning mean to you?

Result: Wolf

You are: WOLF

You're Wolf, one of the original Gladiators and a bit of a villain when it comes to intimidating opponents with your lupine roar!

You are: SABRE

You are: SABRE

You're Sabre, Dundee's very own warrior who will stop at nothing to win!

Result: Nitro

You are: NITRO

You're Nitro, a man with an explosive name and a gigantic muscles. Don't let the charming smile fool you. Nitro is here to win!

Result: Fire

You are: FIRE

You're Fire and one of the fastest Gladiators in the new team! She might like a laugh but she's deadly serious when it comes to becoming a champ!

Result: Viper

You are: VIPER

You're Viper, and embodies the same sense of villainy as Wolf from the original series. You can also lift the equivalent of a fully-grown panda!

Result: Jet

You are: JET

You're Jet, one of the original stars of Gladiators. You use your dancing and athletic skills to run rings around your opponents!