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20 Wallace & Gromit Jokes That Are Better than Wensleydale

These cheesy Wallace and Gromit jokes are better than having a grand day out! Check them out and see which one if your favourite!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 28th 2024

Ay Up! We've got 20 hilarious Wallace and Gromit jokes for every fan of these plasticine pals! Check out these funny jokes - we promise they're not too cheesy! Liked these? How about some more jokes like these Gen Z jokes? Or what about some hilarious Harry Potter jokes? And we think you'll LOVE these werewolf jokes - they'll make you howl with laughter! Still needing more? We've got hundreds more puns and lols on our main jokes hub!

What are Wallace's favourite movies?

Cheesy ones!

What do you call cheese that belongs to Wallace?

Nacho cheese!

What's Gromit's favourite pizza topping?


Why is Gromit such a bad dancer?

He has two left feet!

Where does Gromit never shop?

Flea markets!

Why did Gromit have to make a return at the clothes store?

Wallace got the Wrong Trousers!

How do you get in touch with Feathers McGraw?

Give him a wing!

What does a dyslexic Wallace wear on his head?

A cat flap!

Where does Feathers McGraw keep his stolen diamond?

In a snow bank!

How much does Wallace love Gromit?

To the moon and back!

How do you get in touch with Gromit?

Give him a bone!

What does Feathers McGraw eat for lunch?

Ice burgers!

Why did Wallace and Gromit open a bakery?

They kneaded the dough!

Why did Feathers McGraw cross the road?

To prove he wasn't chicken!

What does Wendolene use to clean her windows?


What does Gromit and a phone have in common?

They both have collar ID!

What's Wallace's favourite sport?

Grand Brie!

What happened when Wallace's cheese fridge broke?

There was a melt down!

What's black and white and goes round and round?

Feathers McGraw in a revolving door!

Why was Gromit so tired?

He'd had a ruff day!