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20 Gen Z Jokes For A Bit of Zoomer Humour!

Younger than a millennial? Older than Gen Alpha? However old you are you'll definitely laugh at these 20 great Gen Z jokes! (Unless you're a boomer lol)

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 23rd 2024

Sense of humour is one of those things that changes over time - you know, like literally everything else. Some things the older generation are just not going to get, and these 20 Gen Z jokes might be one them! So if you're up for some gen z lols you're in the right place! For more funny stuff for all ages check out these dad jokes, these Youtube jokes, and even these high-tech computer jokes!

Hoooo eee!

What do you call a Gen Z-er acting like they grew up in the 70's?

A hippiecrite!

I'm getting a little tired of Gen Z-er's attitudes

Always walking around like they rent the place!

What did the Gen Z baker yell when he tossed the dough?


Gen Z should change their name to...


Why would Gen z make bad astronauts?

In space no one can hear you meme!

What'd the Gen Z-er say to the spice shop owner with the massive spice plants?

I'm here for a good thyme not a long thyme!

Gen Z’s dream about owning a house

Too bad it's surreal estate!

My favourite question on the job interview with a Gen Z-er is:

What do you want to do after the burnout?

How do you weigh Gen Z-ers?

In Instagrams!

Why don't Gen Z barbers ever get sideburns right?

They literally can't even!

What kind of ghost hates Gen Z-ers?


A boomer, a millennial and a zoomer walk into a bar

That's right - Gen X just got ignored again!

What is a Gen Z-ers favourite spaceship?

A millennial falcon!

What do you call a Gen Zer on a scooter?

A zoomer!

How does a Gen Z-er tell a joke?

Idk lol

What do Gen Z-ers say when a baby boomer calls?

A boomerang!

What is a Gen Z rapper’s favourite Transformer?


What did the Gen Z-er say after they successfully started the campfire?

That's lit!

Why are Gen Z-ers so odd?

Cause they can’t even!

What does a Gen Z cowboy say?

Yeet Haw!