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20 YouTube Jokes You'll Have to Subscribe To!

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Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  November 29th 2022

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Sheesht! So many jokes!

Did you see the Youtube channel of boxing matches in reverse?

They're my favorite unboxing videos!

What do polar bears like to do on Youtube?

Look for cool channels!

I'm going to start reviewing bottled water on Youtube...

It's an untapped market!

Why do Youtubers love The Legend of Zelda?

There's always a Link in the description!

What’s a YouTuber’s favorite type of moss?

Lichen subscribe!

Did you see the Youtube video about metal fasteners?

It's riveting!

What do you call a really satisfied Youtuber?

A content creator!

Did you see the Youtube video of the gorilla opening bananas?

It's super ape-peeling!

A smiling monkey

What's a Youtuber's favourite river?

The live stream!

What happened when Dracula uploaded copyrighted content to YouTube?

A count suspended!

How many Youtubers does it take to change a light bulb?

Hit like and subscribe to find out!

Did you hear about the Satan-worshipping YouTuber?

His account was demon-itized!

I just started a YouTube channel about viruses.

I'm a real influenz-er!

Why was the Youtuber so good at handling cows?

Because he was used to milking content!

Black and white cow standing up

Here's a joke about how ridiculous Youtubers are.

But first...a word from our sponsors!

I don't understand why Youtube demonetized my videos.

It makes no cents!

What do you call a werewolf YouTuber?

A lycansubscribe!

What's a pirates favorite type of YouTube video?


YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are making a joint website. What would it be called?