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Funny Google Jokes!

Tired of searching for some computer-based gags? They’re all right here!

Google is useful for finding all kinds of facts on the internet. You can even use it to search for funny animal photos, too. We’ve rounded up the funniest Google jokes and placed them on one handy page for your delight. 

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Why did Gmail reject the password ‘14days’?

A police officer pointing

It was two weak!

How does a tree use Gmail?

A massive tree

They log in!

What do you call a computer that sings?

A singing computer

A Dell!

What is a popular search engine for ghosts?

A ghost


What is Google’s favourite snack?

Chips and mustard


Why did the Google laptop keep sneezing?

A laptop

It has virus!

What did the Google employee have for lunch?

A sandwich

A byte to eat!

Where is the best place to hide your sweets?

A bag of sweets

Page 2 of Google!

What do you call a search engine that sings Christmas songs?

A man in a green shirt and tie singing

Michael Googlé!

What do search engine do babies use?

A baby

Google Ga Ga!

Why was the Google phone wearing glasses?

A mobile phone wearing glasses

It had misplaced its contacts!

Why was the Google employee late to work?

A man looking at his watch because he is late for work

They had a hard drive!

Why did the chimps share an Amazon account?

Two chimps

They were Prime mates!

Why was the Cookie Monster upset?

A sad cookie fan

Because Google asked if he wanted to delete his cookies!

What was the old Google office covered in?

A laptop on a big spider web


Why are some internet users so selfish?

A man with his arms folded

Because they’re all meme meme meme!

What does a search engine wear in the water?

Swimming googles!

I searched Google for the best way to light a firework…


It came up with over a million matches!

What did the turkey say to the computer?

A turkey on the laptop

“Google, google, google!”

Why did the spider use Google?

A spider on a keyboard

To find some cool websites!

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