Claim Your First Win With These Epic Fortnite Jokes

Distract your opponents with these Fortnite funnies, then take them out. All you have to worry about is what dance to pick...

Image by Epic Games

What Fortnite mode do cows play? 

Cattle Royale!

Who does the Floss at Buckingham Palace?

The Royale Family!

Skeletons are rubbish at Fortnite!

They've got no skins...

Image by Epic Games

How do you make your TV do the Floss?

Emote control!

Did you hear about the thieves who broke into the alphabet factory?

They only took the L...

Why do Fortnite players have beautiful teeth?

They love to Floss!

Image by Epic Games

Why is playing Fortnite like watching X-Men?

You know that Storm is coming...

Why are strikers no good at Fortnite?

They never battle pass...

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