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20 Knee Jokes Every Body Will Love!

These knee jokes are knee-silly the funniest on the internet! Take a look and see which one is your favourite! Trust me, they're absolutely knee-cessary!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 24th 2024

It's time for some knee jokes that we think you definitely knee-d! Check them out and see which one makes you laugh the most! And if you're feeling flexible, how about these brilliant ballet jokes? Or maybe you might like these ear-larious ear jokes! We've even got legendary leg jokes! And tonnes more hilarious jokes on our main jokes hub!

How do you make bread with your legs?

You knee-d it!

Have you heard the knee joke?

It gets a cracking response!

My doctor told me my knees were being damaged by standing on one leg

I had to put my foot down

What's a knee's favourite Spanish dish?


Did you hear about the knee who opened a bar?

It was a pretty low joint!

Which body part is the best at singing?

The harmon-knee!

What's knobbly and hops around?

A bun-knee!

What's made of bread and bends?

A pa-knee-nee

What do skeletons put on their pizza?


My friend and I both have knee issues

It's a joint problem!

What meat do you get from a cow's lower leg?


Which item of clothing goes on your leg?

A kneecap!

I have a scar on my knee

It was made from scratch!

My legs always want my attention

They're so knee-dy!

What should you use to mend the holes in your trousers?

A knee-dle!

What did one leg say to the other?

'I think you're knee-t!'

Why was one knee annoyed with the other?

They were driving each other round the bend!

Why don't knees ever win at poker?

They always fold!

Why did the knees go to couples therapy?

They had joint issues!

What's a knee's favourite music?

Hip HOP!