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20 Sunday Jokes To Laze Around With!

It's the most laid-back day of the week, and so it's the best day to lie back and appreciate some jokes! Join us for some sunsational Sunday jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 22nd 2024

Whether it's your favourite day of the week, or just one big build up to Monday for you, there's a lot to laugh about when it comes to the seventh day of the week (or the first, depending on how you see it)! Here are twenty Sunday jokes that are perfect for a lazy, giggle-filled morning! And we have more jokes if you need some more merriment before Monday! How about some moon jokes? Or some ice cream jokes? Or some sleep jokes?

What comes after Sunday?


Why will you never see storms on Sunday?

Because then it would be Rain-day!

What day makes you happy in the morning and sad in the evening?


What is Newton’s first law of Sundays?

A body at rest will continue to be at rest!

What do you call it when you make your friends choose between eating soup or going bowling with you at the weekend?

Soup or bowl Sunday!

I bought a second-hand time machine next Sunday…

Boy, they just don’t make them like they’re going to!

What do you call a Sunday dinner eaten on Monday?


Why is there only one Father’s Day and Mother’s Day each year…

But we get a Son-day every week?

Why are people happier on Sunday?

Because Sadderday is over!

Why should you wear your oldest clothes on Sunday?

Because it’s a holey day!

What’s the best day to totally ignore other people?


Why was Sunday afraid of Monday?

Because Monday threw Friday!

I took my car in for a service last Sunday…

It was difficult getting it through the church doors!

What do you call it when you feel great on Saturday and Sunday but terrible for the rest of the week?

Having a weekend immune system!

What’s the worst word you can say on Sunday?


What do you call someone who gets anxious on Saturday and Sunday?

A weekend worrier!

What's the best day to eat ice cream?


What do you call a barber who refuses to close on Sundays?

A hair-etic!

Sunday and Monday are having a fight. Who wins?

Sunday – because Monday is a weak day!

What is a vampire’s least favourite day of the week?