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20 Muppet Jokes Even Statler and Waldorf Would Love!

It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights, because we've got 20 very punny Muppet jokes just for you! Check them out and have a laugh!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 8th 2024

We've really ker-mitted to bringing you the funniest Muppet jokes around! Check out these 20 funny Muppet jokes and puns and see which ones are your favourites! And if you liked these, how about some Kermit jokes? Or check out more Muppet stuff here! We've got this epic Treasure Island quiz! And you can check out hundreds more jokes on our main jokes hub!

What did Miss Piggy say to Kermit?

Hop it!

How does Miss Piggy say hello?


What sort of car does Miss Piggy drive?

A Ham-borghini!

What does Fozzie take on holiday?

Just the bear necessities!

Why does Fozzie tell jokes?

Because he's beary funny!

Why was Animal so noisy?

He was trying to drum up some attention!

What does Miss Piggy take when she's sick?


What does Kermit eat with his burgers?

A side of flies!

What is Rizzo's favourite food?

Mice cream!

What does Miss Piggy drink?


What internet provider does Kermit use?

The Rainbow Connection!

Why does Sam the Eagle never rehearse?

He always wants to wing it!

Why is the moon like Statler and Waldorf's teeth?

Both come out at night!

Which muppet is the fastest?


How does Pepe the Prawn answer the phone?


Why doesn't Pepe the Prawn like to share with the other Muppets?

He's too shellfish!

Why isn't Uncle Deadly in more Muppet shows?

He feels they tend to drag-on!

Why are Statler and Waldorf always smiling?

Because they can't hear you!

Why does Miss Piggy wear so much pink?

It's her favourite pig-ment!

How does Gonzo feel about being with Camilla?

Very clucky!