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22 Funny Ice Cream Jokes that are Totally Cool

Chill out with Beano's cool collection of impressive ice cream jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

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What's a lions favorite ice cream?

Mint chocolate chimp!

Laughing monkey in front of banana slices

Why did the ice cream break up with the chocolate?

He was a bit of a flake!

An angry looking piece of chocolate in front of an orange and red back background

Ice cream sundaes always taste better with egg based additions.

Am I right or am I meringue?!

ice cream jokes

Why did the newspaper talk to the ice cream?

It was looking for the scoop!

ice cream jokes

Had some green coloured ice cream...

It was mint!

ice cream jokes

How did Reese eat her ice cream?


ice cream jokes

Why does everyone want ice cream to be on their team?

Because with them, anything is popsicle!

ice cream jokes

Why does the ice-cream never get invited to the party?

They're a drip!

ice cream jokes

Why did the ice cream van break down?

There was a rocky road!

What kind of ice cream do electricians eat?


ice cream jokes

How do astronauts eat their ice cream?


ice cream jokes

Why do ice cream cones always carry an umbrella?

In case there's a chance of sprinkles!

ice cream jokes

What's an ice cream's favourite TV show?

Game of Cones!

ice cream jokes

What does an ice cream lawyer say?

You got served!

ice cream jokes

What did the ice cream cone write on its valentine card?

You make me melt!

ice cream jokes

Why is ice cream so bad at tennis?

They have a soft serve!

ice cream jokes

What's a vampire's favourite ice cream flavour?


What's Mickey Mouses favourite treat?

Mice cream!

Why was there ice cream under the Christmas tree?

To go with the pine cones!

What is Thor's favourite ice cream?

A Thornetto!

Where do you learn to make ice cream?

Sundae school!

Which football team loves ice cream?

Aston Vanilla!

A retro black and white football on the centre circle of a grass pitch
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