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55 Pasta Jokes Which Are Totally Fu-silli!

Get spaghet-tee-heeing at these hilarious pasta jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  April 10th 2023

We've got an absolutely gut-bustingly big portion of pasta jokes and puns here - so don't let these hilarious funnies pas-ta you by! And if you're still peckish for more mealtime mirth, why not check out our food, carrot or even broccoli jokes! There's plenty to go around!

Ready to get stuck in? Then read on, pasta fans!

What did the pasta say to the cheese?

It’s grate to meet you!

How much salt do lobsters use when cooking pasta?

Just a pinch!

Why couldn’t the pasta get into his house?

Because he had gnocchi!

What kind of pasta do they eat in Antarctica?


A scientist took his dog to work to help experiment on pasta

It’s a labranoodle!

What type of pasta attaches itself to everything?


What does expensive pasta cost?

A pretty penne!

Did you hear that Emma ate three bowls of spaghetti?

No, but I wouldn’t put it pasta!

How small is the smallest type of pasta?

It’s about a centimeter orzo!

What is the scariest type of pasta sauce?

Mushroom and ghost cheese!

Have you guys tried my new Texan pasta dish?

It's y'all dente!

How do German pasta lovers say hello?

Gluten Tag!

What's a dog's favourite type of pasta?


Did you hear about the travelling pasta salesman?

His commission was penne's on the dollar!

I just got fired from the pasta factory

I made a fusili mistakes!

Pasta is long and stringy. Rice is short and stubby

Orzo you think!

A bowl of Rice Krispies

What is the saddest pasta?


Where does the tomato and pasta go to dance?

At the Meat Ball!

What kind of pasta does a cow eat?


What do you call pasta with a cold?

Macaroni sneeze!

My girlfriend left me because of my obsession with pasta

I'm feeling cannelloni right now!

I told Mum I wanted to have a potato pasta for dinner

She said Gnocchi dokey!

Potato Jokes!
Potato Jokes!

Did you hear about the pasta and its cooking water?

Their relationship was strained!

What do you give an angry chef who always serves wet pasta?

A re-straining order!

What do pasta and cars have in common?

I don't like either al dente!

What pasta is always getting locked out of its house?


What do you call jail for criminal pastas?

The state pennetentiary!

My local soup kitchen needs help with the next Pasta Dinner

I'll check my colander and set aside some thyme for it!

What sort of pasta do you use if you want to fix a musical theatre award?


I spent my entire life savings on Pasta

It was worth every Penne!

I suspect my daughter might enjoy alphabet pasta…

But I don't want to put words in her mouth!

What type of pasta is best eaten on its own?


My sister bet I couldn’t make a car out of spaghetti

You should have seen the look on her face when I drove pasta!

A Delorean car

What's do you call a cross between the Abominable Snowman and pasta?


What did mummy pasta say to baby pasta?

It’s pasta your bedtime!

What kind of pasta grants wishes?


What type of pasta do they serve at the haunted house?

Fettuccini afraido!

How did the police solve the case of the stolen marinara sauce?

They caught the thief red-handed!

What do you call it when someone cries because their spaghetti is vegetarian?

A meat bawl!

Why didn’t the ravioli get invited to hang out with the cool pastas?

Because he was a little square!

What did the macaroni say to the spaghetti in the boxing ring?

Come and spaghet it!

What does an Irishman get after eating Italian lasagna?

Gaelic breath!

What would you get if you crossed pasta with a snake?

Spaghetti that wraps itself around a fork!

My Mum thinks I’m an idiot because I’m building my own car out of spaghetti.

She wont be laughing when I drive pasta!

Why didn’t the fettuccine go out for Halloween?

It was too alfredo!

What do you call a fake noodle?

An impasta!

What did the pasta say to the tomato?

Don’t get saucy with me!

What do you call sick pasta?

Mac n’ sneeze!

Why couldn’t the man lift three tonnes of pasta?

He wasn’t stroganoff!

What’s the most humorous kind of pasta?


How do you say goodbye to an Italian chef?

Pasta la vista!

Where does pasta go to dance?

The meatball!

Why wouldn’t Ebenezer Scrooge eat at the pasta restaurant?

It cost a pretty penne!

Do you know the Ghostbusters’ catchphrase in Italian?

I ain’t alfredo no ghost!

What did the penne say to the macaroni when they were walking slowly?

Go pasta!

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