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10 Broccoli Jokes to Make You Brocco-lol-i

Funny broccoli jokes for you to get your teeth into!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:ย  December 22nd 2021

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Where did the broccoli go to buy a few drinks?

The salad bar!

What do you call a scary movie about vegetables?

The Broccoli Horror Picture Show!

What kind of socks do you need to grow broccoli?

Garden hose!

What's it called when you tell broccoli what to do?

Floret management!

What's the difference between bogeys and broccoli?

Kids don't eat broccoli!

Doctor, doctor! I've got broccoli stuck in my ear!

You need to eat more sensibly!

What kind of music does broccoli listen to?

Broc and Roll!

What do you call broccoli when it becomes a ghost?


An upside down broccoli on a green background

Why could the tomato outrun the broccoli?

Because he wasn't a vegetable!

A grumpy looking broccoli

What do you get when you cross a watermelon with broccoli?

A melon-coli snack!

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Eat them to defeat them