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20 Booksmart Gilmore Girls Jokes!

These Gilmore Girl-theme giggles have a cosy and comforting vibe!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 19th 2024

There's nothing better than marathoning Gilmore Girls for the millionth time... well, actually, there's one thing that might be better, and that's these Gilmore Girls jokes! These jokes are the funniest things in Stars Hollow - apart from Lorelai and Rory, of course! Don't forget to try our Gilmore Girls quizzes - find out which character you are, or what your Gilmore Girls aesthetic is, or see how high you can score in our Gilmore Girls trivia quiz!

Lorelai doesn’t have a problem with coffee…

She has a problem without it!

Why did Sookie have to stop cooking?

She ran out of thyme!

What happened when Lane hit her head?

She got a mild percussion!

How did Paris prepare for a pest control exam?

She stayed up all night swatting!

Why did Jess and Rory break up?

They weren’t on the same page!

Why did Rory apply for a job as a librarian?

She wanted to start a new chapter in her life!

Why did Luke and Lorelai get married?

They love each other a latte!

What do you call it when you walk into Luke’s Diner and you know you’ve been there before?

Deja brew!

What is Paris’s favourite nation?


Why does it take Rory so long to do her homework?

She’s pro-caffeinating!

Why does Lorelai drink so much coffee at work?

She's on the grind!

Why did Paris go to the beach?

To test the water!

What is Lane’s favourite food?


Why doesn’t Rory have any free time?

She's booked!

What does Lorelai drink when she’s sad?


What happened when Luke’s Diner was robbed?

He was mugged!

Why does Rory sit in the wardrobe when she reads?

Narnia business!

What is Lorelai’s favourite exercise at the gym?

The French press!

What happened when Rory read a book about mazes?

It was so good, she got lost in it!

What is Lorelai’s favourite Harry Potter spell?

Espresso Patronum!