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Which Gilmore Girls Character Are You?

Find out which Gilmore Girl’s character you are most like with our rather (Gil)moorish Gilmore Girls Quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  April 15th 2022

The Gilmore Girls are the ultimate mother and daughter team! They’re always ready to make us cry, laugh, or feel whatever crazy emotion their complex lives demand. But this quiz isn’t just about the Gilmore Girls, it’s also about you answering one of the most commonly asked questions on the internet; a question that so far has gone unanswered… Until now. Finally, thanks to our “Which Gilmore Girls Character Are You?” quiz, you can find out Which Gilmore Girl’s Character you are most like! What (Gil)more could you ask?


I love Gilmore girls because it’s…


Complete the motto: “Live, Love…”


What’s your favourite look for a party?


Which word describes you best?


But how would your frenemy describe you?


6/10 Choose your ideal pet…

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7/10 What’s your favourite colour?

8/10 A pizza chef

What pizza are you buying to share with your besties?


What would you do if you found a missing teddy at school?

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10/10 What’s your dream holiday destination?

Gilmore Girls | Dorothy Parker Drank Here | Warner Bros


Sometimes - just like Lorelai - you can be very childish (unlike Lorelai you are probably still a child so that’s not too bad). Sure, you can be a little sarcastic but you’re always careful not to be mean because you’re a nice person.

Gilmore Girls | Dorothy Parker Drank Here | Warner Bros


You’re so much fun and maybe a little accident prone - except in the kitchen where you’re an amazing chef! You’re kind and courageous and an amazing friend!

Gilmore Girls | Dorothy Parker Drank Here | Warner Bros


Just like Logan you can be charming and witty, so it’s surprising to those who don’t know you that sometimes you can feel a little shy. Still, it doesn’t stop you enjoying a party if your friends are there to keep you company.

Gilmore Girls | Dorothy Parker Drank Here | Warner Bros


You’re a master of ingenuity, smart and capable and a real music lover. Sometimes, you might be a little scared to show your true-self but when it comes to your friends there’s nothing you wouldn’t do to help them out!