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40 Friday Jokes Which Will Make You Week With Laughter!

Kickstart your weekend with these fantastic Friday funnies!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 16th 2023

It's a scientific fact that Friday is the most exciting day of the week. Not only is it the last day of school, but it marks the start of the weekend – that's two glorious days of freedom! We've rounded up the best Friday funnies and displayed them on one page like a digital art gallery of LOLs!

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We've got all the jokes! That's right, even absolute stinkers!

Knock, knock! Who's there? Gladys! Gladys who?

Gladys Friday, it's almost the weekend!

A smiling woman

I don't study at school on Fridays...

I make appearances!

What is Friday's favourite dessert?


What did the Iceberg say to the Romaine on Friday?

Lettuce celebrate!

Why did the pupil cheer when they left the school gates?

It was Friyay!

A student holding an important book

Why did the geologist shop on Friday?

To get in early for the weekend shales!

What does it mean when the naughty student arrives late at school for the fifth time in a row?

It's Friday!

Why did the iron stop working on a Friday?

It ran out of steam!

What is a star rugby player's best day of the week?

Try day!

What is a tailor's busiest part of the week?

Tie day!

A man with two ties

What is Pieface's favourite day of the week?

Pie day!

Why is it best to ignore Friday the 13th?

It's bad luck to be superstitious!

What did the onion say after Thursday?

It's cry day!

Strawberry jokes

Why did Friday go to see the doctor?

They felt week!

What’s scarier than Friday the 13th?

Monday the 16th!

Frankenstein's Monster goes trick or treating

What’s a pilot’s best day of the week?

Fly day!

Where does Friday come before Thursday?

In a dictionary!

What day does a fish hate the most?

Fry day!

Strawberry jokes

What do biologists wear on Casual Friday?


A scientist

Which restaurant has the most amazing special effects?

CGI Fridays!

A bottle of ketchup at a diner

Why did the calendar factory boss cut all the Fridays out? 

They wanted an extra day off!

Why don’t some people like jokes about Friday?

They're week!

Why are pigeons so happy?

Because every day is a fly day!

What did the long-distance runner do the day after Friday?


What does Friday smell like?


What is the only thing better than a Friday?

A Bank Holiday Monday!

What did the fruit say at the end of the school week?

Orange you glad it’s Friday?

How do Fridays always end?

With a Y!

What comes after Friday the 13th?

Saturday the 14th!

What do cows do on a Friday night?

Watch a moo-vie!

What’s the best music to play on Friday night?

The Weeknd!

How long is Monday from Friday night?

About a minute!

What day of the week do frogs love the most?

Fly day!

What do people who work from home wear for Casual Friday?

The same stuff!

A fashionable male

What can really ruin a Friday?

Remembering it's only Tuesday!

What day of the week do potatoes dread?

Fry day!

Why is Friday the happiest day of the week?

Because the next day is always a sadder day.

Why did Han go shopping on Black Friday?

The prices were solo!

Greedo and Han Solo

Which day of the week wears a T-shirt and jeans?

Casual Friday!

The joke police

Why couldn't Friday lift any weights?

It was a weak day!