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20 Tyre Jokes You Can Re-Cycle!

These tyre jokes will never get tired! Check out these funny tire jokes and see which ones you want to share with your mates!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 5th 2024

Tire jokes sure do get around! But are you ready to roll with these 20 funny tyre puns? It's time to find out! Liked these jokes? We've got loads more! Why not get a-head with these forehead jokes? Or how about these terrific toilet jokes? You might even be up for these dreadful dad jokes! And of course, you can find even more funny jokes on our main jokes hub!

Where do tyres live?

Skid row!

I've been trying out my tyre jokes...

But they're not getting much traction!

Why didn't the bike do the tour de France?

It was too tyred!

I've been trying out a lot of tyre jokes...

But there's no milage in them!

I'm sick of tyre jokes...

They're worn out!

Have you ever heard any tyre jokes?

They're wheely great!

What is a tyre's least favourite coffee?

Flat white!

Why is it annoying talking to a tyre?

They just go round and round in circles!

I'm enjoying all these tyre jokes...

But I think I need a break!

What are we doing? Tyre jokes?

Sorry, I got off track!

Why are tyres so well travelled?

Because they get around!

Why was the tyre happy?

It had had a good year!

I'm trying to think of a good tyre joke...

No pressure!

I know you're sick of hearing these tyre jokes...

But just roll with it!

What happens when a tyre gets old?

They go into retyrement!

I'm trying to think of a tyre joke, but I can't...

Sorry. It's my own asphalt.

What's scaly, extinct and round?

A tyre-rannosaurus!

Why did the tyres fall in love?

They felt a strong a-traction!

What's electric and rubber?

A live tyre!

I love tyres...

They're wheely cool!