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20 Heartstopper Jokes That Will Set Your Heart Aflutter!

Check out these funny Heartstopper jokes all about the cutest couple on TV, Charlie and Nick! Which of these heartstopper jokes will be your favourite?

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  June 12th 2024

These Heartstopper jokes are heart-warming! Check out these funny puns all about Nick, Charlie and all their friends! And if you liked this, how about more Heartstopper with this Heartstopper trivia quiz? Or maybe you want to find out which Heartstopper character you are? Or what about these funny Valentines day jokes? And we've got hundreds more great jokes on our main jokes hub!

Why is Harry always so horrible?

He's Greene with envy!

Did the gang enjoy their trip to Paris?

They had an in-Seine-ly good time!

Can Nick speak French?

Yes, he's Eiffel Ly good at it!

Why does Nick love baking?

He kneads a hobby!

What's Charlie's favourite season?


What happens when Charlie stops himself breaking wind?

He's a fartstopper!

Why does Charlie love playing the drums?

They're hard to beat!

Hey Charlie, do you like jokes about Ancient Greece?

Olive them!

Why doesn't Nick like rugby jokes?

Because once you've seen one, you've seen a maul!

If the cast were pigs, what school would they go to?

Tru-ham Grammer!

Where does Nick buy his rugby kit?

New Jersey!

Nick isn't that good at rugby...

But at least he tried!

How does Elle feel about the Mona Lisa?

She thinks she was framed!

What's Nick's favourite element?

Iron, Man!

Why did Nick go and see Dracula on Saturday?

He wanted a Vampire Weekend!

Did Charlie and Nick enjoy their time in Paris?

They Louvre-d it!

What do you call it when Charlie and Nick skip maths class?


If Nick was an animal, what would he be?

A Rug-bee!

How did Nick and Charlie become burglars?

They stole each others hearts!

Why is Tao so bad at art?

His skills are a bit sketchy!