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Which Heartstopper Character Are You?

Heartbreaker or Heartmaker? Which Heartstopper character are you most like?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  May 31st 2022

Are you watching Heartstopper? Originally a webcomic and graphic novel by literary superstar, Alice Oseman, Heartstopper in now an awesome SMASH HIT TV series about the life and loves of Truham Grammar High School student, Charlie Spring! Which Heartstopper Character are you most like?


What are you doing in the year 11 common room?


What’s your favourite subject at school?


What shop do you head for first in the Mall?


Pick a small business to get you through the Summer Holidays…


What’s your favourite type of film?

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6/10 Pick a pet…


What’s your tactic when people are mean to you?


Which of these best describes your personality?


What are you wearing to the school disco?

10/10 A sandwich on a wooden floor
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Choose a sandwich…

Heartstopper | See-Saw Films | Netflix

Nick Nelson

You’re a popular, cool kid, who’s good at sport and always ready to stick up for what you think is right. Just like Nick Nelson!

Heartstopper | See-Saw Films | Netflix

Charlie Spring

Like Charlie, underneath your shy and anxious exterior lurks a shy and anxious interior. Sometimes it might seem like the world is against you but don’t worry, kindness is your secret weapon!

Heartstopper | See-Saw Films | Netflix

Tao Xu

You’re the loyalist friend that anyone could ever ask for, just like Tao! Maybe sometimes, you can be a bit sulky and -dare I say - over dramatic, in the end everybody knows that you’ll be there when your needed! You’re awesome!

Heartstopper | See-Saw Films | Netflix

Elle Argent

Your Elle! Sweet, caring and friendly! Sometimes your confidence might bubble over into boastfulness, but your friends always forgive you. After all when you’re a star, it’s hard to hide your shine!