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28 Funny Valentine’s Day Jokes You Will Love

Funny Valentine's Day jokes to give you inspiration for those Valentine's Day cards!

We’ve got tons of jokes here at Beano! Use these in your Valentine’s Day Card(s!) for extra comedy points. When you’re done here, keep the laughs coming with our Joke Generator. Maybe even try some love or dance jokes!

1 and 2 fell in love.

number jokes

2 said, you’re the only one for me!

What did the prince say to Ariel?

mermaid jokes

We were mermaid for each other!

Why did bread break up with margerine?

bread jokes

For a butter love!

Which day is the worst to propose on?

April fools jokes

April Fools’ Day!

Carbon and hydrogen went on a date.

I heard they really bonded!

Why did the robot marry his partner?

He couldn’t resistor!

What does a heartbroken LEGO person say?

I’m falling to pieces!

What do two LEGO people in love say?

Never LEGO!

How do you propose with a helium balloon?

You pop the question!

What’s the best part of a bee relationship?

The HONEYmoon period!

Knock, knock! Who’s there? Al. Al who?

knock knock jokes

Al give you a kiss if you open the door!

Why should you never break up with a footballer?

Because they’re keepers!

Why should you never marry a tennis player?

Because, to them, love means nothing!

What do squirrels give each other on Valentine’s Day?


What happened when the candle went dating?

It found the perfect match!

What did one light bulb say to the other light bulb on Valentine’s Day?

I love you watts and watts!

What did the caveman give his Valentine?

Ugs and kisses!

What do you call a small Valentine’s Day card?

A Valen-tiny!

What do farmers give their partners on Valentine’s Day?

Hogs and kisses!

This Valentine’s Day I expect to be inundated!

Sorry, I meant: in, undated!

What did one pig say to the other on Valentine’s Day?

Don’t go bacon my heart!

What happened when the TV aerials got married?

funny jokes

They had a great reception!

Why don’t people get married in igloos?

funny jokes

In case they get cold feet!

Why do boats go on dates?

funny jokes

They’re looking for row-mance!

Who did Dracula go on a date with?

His ghoul-friend!

Why did the magnet go on lots of dates?

Why did jokes

He was very attractive!

Why did the boa constrictors get married?

Why did jokes

They had a crush on each other!

What do you call two birds in love?