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Ultimate Valentine’s Day Trivia Questions!

How much do you know about the most romantic day of the year? Take the quiz and test your Valentine's Day trivia!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2022

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1/15 Paper roses

Let’s start easy! On what day does Valentine’s fall?

2/15 Two partners kissing at sunset as rubber chicken looks on

Who in 1861 created the world's first heart shaped chocolate box?

3/15 Man blowing kisses as laughing pineapple looks on

In the Victorian era, mean-spirited Valentines cards were called 'Vinegar Valentines' - True or false?

4/15 Two partners with googly eyes in a happy and loving embrace

As well as love (obvs), what occupation is Saint Valentine also a patron saint of?

5/15 Two birds on a branch kissing at sunset

What hugely popular website debuted on Valentine’s Day in 2005?

6/15 Two playing cards

Approximately how many Valentine's Day cards are given out in the USA ever year?

7/15 An angel with a bow and arrow

Venus was the goddess of love and beauty. What was her son called?

8/15 A flower seller

What was Venus' favourite flower?

9/15 A pile of US dollars

According to a survey, how much did Americans spend on Valentine's Day in 2017?

10/15 Red roses

What percentage of roses purchased on Valentine's Day are red?

11/15 A teacher writing on a board

Teachers receive the most Valentine’s Day cards. True or false?

12/15 A Finnish flag and a pair of hands making a heart shape

Finland call Valentine's Day Ystävänpäivä. What does that mean? 

13/15 A Valentine's Day gift package

Who thought it would be bad luck to sign a Valentine's Day card?

14/15 A pet dog holding a bunch of flowers

What percentage of people give their pets a gift on Valentine's Day?

15/15 A post box

How many Valentine Cards are sent each year around the world?

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