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20 Gladiator Jokes For Winners Only!

It's time to find out if you are a Gladiator with these funny Gladiator jokes! If you have the heart to be a winner, you're guaranteed to love them!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  July 3rd 2024

Do you have the will and skill for these hilarious Gladiator jokes? Have you got the strength of giant, the power of Diamond, or the vanity of Legend? We've powered up 20 funny jokes all about the legendary TV show which is back on our screens! And if you liked this, check out more sports jokes here! How about some silly ski jokes? Or might you be up for these brilliant boxing jokes! We've even got these ridiculous running jokes! And if you need even more laughs, check out hundreds more puns on our main jokes hub!

Who's the angriest Gladiator?


What's a confident Gladiator's favourite film?

I Am Legend!

Which Gladiator event is d'Artagnan's favourite?


Which Gladiator will you find in a spooky castle?


Who is the hardest Gladiator?


Why is Nitro always so happy?

Because he's a GLAD-iator!

Why don't contestants like the top floor?

It's too close to The Edge!

What does Mark Clattenburg do when he wakes up in the morning?

His first whistle!

Which Gladiator prefers to talk about the show?

The Comet-ator!

How did one Gladiator propose to another?

In The Ring!

How did Viper feel after he swallowed Sabre?

He was glad-he-ate-her!

What happened when Fury got a piggyback from another Gladiator?

She was on Fire!

What do you call a Gladiator in some wheat?

A Giant in his field!

What's a Gladiator's favourite game?

Legend of Zelda!

Which Gladiator is always nicking things?


How do you get in touch with the Gladiators?

You give them a Ring!

Have you heard about the youngest Gladiator?

She's Dynamite!

What do Gladiators use in their cars when its raining?

Window Vipers!

What do you call a dancing Gladiator?

Fire in the disco!

What is a Gladiator's favourite Pink Floyd album?

The Wall!