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10 Funny Big Hitting Boxing Jokes for Kids

Pow! It’s a knockout! Sometimes jokes get you like that - check these ones out and see if you can stay on your feet!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  March 31st 2023

It’s not a punch, but your sides will still hurt from laughing! Boxing isn’t usually that funny, in fact it’s a bit strange how people like fighting, jokes can just as easily stop people in their tracks! But sometimes jokes can hit you like, well, someone hitting you! So why not check out these brilliant boxing jokes and see for yourself how the joke beats the jab! If these jokes don’t tickle you, why not have a look at these wrestling jokes? Contact sports not your thing? How about these fabulously funny football jokes!?

Why don’t bad boxers wear trousers?

Because they don’t have any belts!

What YouTube videos do failed boxers make?

Unboxing videos!

What is Muhammed Ali’s favourite games console?

The Xbox!

What did the boxer say to the fish?

Watch out for the hook!

How do you make a fruit punch?

Give it boxing lessons!

When is a human like a dog?

When they’re a boxer!

What’s the difference between a boxer and a person with a cold?

One knows his blows and the other blows his nose!

What is the Post Office’s favourite sport?


Everyone keeps posting about Mayweather...

but I'm 99% sure it's August!