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Wrestling Jokes

Are you ready to chuckle?! You'd better be with these stone cold wrestling jokes!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:Β  December 1st 2021

Looking for a laugh? These wrestling jokes are champion! But if you'd rather something a bit less... wrestly... we've got rugby jokes*, tennis jokes, even these bike jokes!

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*Rugby jokes are still a bit wrestly.

Β What did Hulk Hogan ask in Arts and Crafts class?Β 

Whatcha gonna glue, brother?!

So Hunter Hearst Helmsley has pain in his shoulders, neck, and knees.

They're Triple Aches!

What do you call a wrestler who always comes in second place?

The Penultimate Warrior!

I'm not saying I'm unfit...

But I just tried mud wrestling and the mud won!

Have you ever seen a wrestling match?

Of course you haven't, matches come in boxes!

My friend used to be addicted to mud wrestling.

But now he's been clean for 6 months!

Why is wrestling stupid?

Because it's a bunch of people without trousers fighting over a belt!

What's the worst thing about being a professional alligator wrestler?

You have to start off as an amateur alligator wrestler!

Why do Romans hate wrestlers?

Because the Rock beats Caesars!

Why wasn't the wrestler good at telling jokes?

She had to work on her punchlines!

I named my pet rock after a wrestler...

Stone Called Steve Austin!

No wrestling event is ever sold out...

There are always a couple of extra seats under the ring!

What's a comedian's favourite wrestling move?

The knee slapper!

I just watched a whole arm wrestling match by accident.

It was much more gripping than I expected!

Two silk worms have a wrestling match.

It ended in a tie!

Arguing online is like wrestling with sharks...

Even if you win, it's a stupid thing to do!

A close up of a shark

What's a wrestler's favourite vegetable?


Why should you bring a piece of paper to a wrestling match?

In case you're up against the Rock!

How do wrestlers drink their coffee?


What's orange and could beat you in a fight?

A satsuma wrestler!