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56 Funny Sports Jokes Worthy of a Gold Medal

Score comedy goals with funny sport jokes from Beano!

Beano Jokes Team
Last Updated:  December 22nd 2021

Armed with these top sport jokes you WIN! Fill your goals with these gags.

From the rugby field to the tennis court, we've got sports jokes whatever you're into.

When you're done here, don't miss out on our epic football jokes!

What’s a present’s favourite sport?


A grinning goat and a cry laughing emoji

What's Mickey's favourite sport?

Minnie Golf!

A mouse in red shorts

What sport do wasps play?

Sting pong!

wasp jokes

What android team won the Olympic watersports?

The rowbots!

What do the Lionesses say before they want to win a game?

Let us prey!

What do you cheer at the women's world cup final?

Megan Rapin-GO!

What lights up a football pitch at night?

A football match!

Why do footballers struggle to eat sandwiches?

They think they can't use their hands!

Why did the Lionnesses lose the world cup?

They were playing against cheetahs!

Which footballer is also a hip-hop star?

Megan RAPinoe!

Why did the duck join the baseball game?

To make a fowl shot!

Why don't fish play FIFA?

They're scared of nets!

When does a British tennis match end?

When it's Wimble-DONE!

What did one tennis ball say to the other tennis ball?

See you round!

What time do tennis players go to bed?


A smiling tennis ball

In tennis, what do you serve but never eat?

Tennis balls!

Where do tennis players go to dance?

A tennis ball!

Why should you never marry a tennis player?

Because, to them, love means nothing!

What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a tennis court?


Which athlete is warmest in winter?

A long jumper!

How did Scrooge end up with the football?

The ghost of Christmas passed!

What animal is best at baseball?

A bat!

What should you do if Liverpool's midfield steal your car?

Call the Klopps!

What's the best way to protect your house from bad football?

A Guard-iola dog!

What is Man United's goalie's best feature?

De Gea!

Did you hear about the football pitch NASA built on the moon?

They used astroturf!

When is a football pitch like a triangle?

When somebody takes a corner!

What kind of tea does Alex Morgan drink?


Why is Messi like a magician?

He has loads of hat tricks!

I wish I had a book about boomerangs...

I lent out my last one but it never came back!

Doctor, doctor! They've dropped me from the cricket team - they call me butterfingers…

Don't worry, what you have is not catching!

Why do golfers wear two pairs of shorts?

In case they get a hole in one!

Why couldn’t Cinderella play cricket?

She always ran away from the ball!

Why shouldn't you tell jokes when ice-skating?

The ice might crack up!

Doctor, doctor! I've got a cricket ball stuck in my bottom. How's that?

Oh, don't you start...

What kind of race is never run?

A swimming race!

What blows at 100mph and always scores?

A Harrykane!

Who's the most dangerous footballer?

Eden Hazard!

Why is Ronaldo's bedroom always tidy?

Because he's not Messi!

Who's the slipperiest footballer?

Antoine GREASE-man!

Who was the horse's favourite footballer?


What's healthy and scores a lot of goals?

Fruit Salah!

Which footballer makes the best coffee?

Diego Costa!

Who was the sheep's favourite footballer?

Paul PogBAAA!

Why was the footballer covered in spit?

She was always dribbling!

What sport is a Brontosaurus good at?


What's the chilliest football ground?

Cold Trafford!

Why can’t Cinderella play football?

Her coach is a pumpkin!

Why couldn't the car play football?

It only had one boot!

Which football team loves ice cream?

Aston Vanilla!

A retro black and white football on the centre circle of a grass pitch

Why don’t fish play tennis?

They’re scared of the net!

Are lightning bolts good at football?

No, they're shocking!

Why are basketball players messy eaters?

They're always dribbling!

How do footballers stay cool?

They sit next to their fans!

What kind of horse is good at swimming?

A seahorse!

Why is tennis such a loud game?

Because every player raises a racket!